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Summer’s A Memory

Music and Lyrics by Brian Peter Falk

Mix by Scott Persson

Mastered by Drew Lavyne at A.L.L. Digital Mastering


Brian Peter Falk / Lead vocal and rhythm guitar

Jim Pawlika / Guitars and backing vocals

Scott Persson / Drums, percussion and backing vocals

Jim Shea / Bass and backing vocals


Step out in your summer dress

The one that don't leave much to guess

And all the boys love it

Empty beach in the heat of day

Sand so hot they run away

But you just float above it 


The ocean is wide

Its pull is so heavy 

A wave like a knife

Sharper than any

That summer's a memory 


The caravans all move away

You find a place above the bay

With nowhere to go

Imagine what your lover's done

Feeling warm beyond the sun

But chilled to the bone 


The sky is so white

The boardwalk is empty

Day becomes night

So soon on the jetty

When summer's a memory


You still wear that summer dress

To chase away the morning mist

And banish the rain 

Until the boys return again

And laughter plays across the sand

Then is lost in the waves. 


The ocean is wide

Its pull is so heavy

You wait for the tide

Your castle is ready

When summer's a memory

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