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I Was Metal​

Music and Lyrics by Brian Peter Falk

Mix by Jim Pawlika

Mastered by Drew Lavyne at A.L.L. Digital Mastering


Brian Peter Falk / Lead vocal and rhythm guitar

Doug McClure / Cello

Jim Pawlika / Guitars and backing vocals

Scott Persson / Drums, percussion and backing vocals

Jim Shea / Bass and backing vocals

Whiskey Jim Somers / Rhythm guitar


We built a fort out by the mill

A sound that I remember still

Clacking of the wooden swords

Chasing paper minotaurs

Summer evening - kick the can

Power chords we had a band

Playing songs you didn't know

I was metal  - you were stone


Round and round the block they go

All the pretty boys you know

Uniform that made the man

Denim jacket timberlands

But you chose another way

Heavy shadow - circled A

I was neither one of those

I was metal - you were stone


I was metal - you were stone


Then you met him

The clash in the park

Your legs intertwined

On your salty skin

A kiss in the dark

But it wasn't mine


We walked the line as we were told

Regal purple - solid gold.

You were smiling on the lawn

I turned around -  you were gone

Like the fort and wooden swords

All from some forgotten war

That was mine to fight alone

I was metal - you were stone

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